Join Caitlin McWilliams for a Yoga Run this summer during end of June, July and August every Wednesday at 7pm. We will rotate between La Grande and Spring Meadow being our other Yoga Run destination. 

What will we do on a yoga run?  

  • The routes are roughly 2 miles long and the time alotted is for folks who run at about a 10 to 12 minute mile.   If you want to walk instead of run, you can show up a little earlier and still join for the yoga class.

  • We will start the yoga class at 7:30pm in a field (there will be signage) at the end of the running route 

  • If you want to run with the group, we will leave for the run right at 7pm. If you want to run at a faster clip, no problem - go ahead and do that and you will just have a little extra time to get set up for the yoga class and drink a little water.

  • This is to be a friendly, non-competive, community filled run in the woods. 

  • The yoga class will be roughly 45 mins in the beautiful outdoors as the sun is setting. We will be primarily releasing those chronically tight spots after our run. We will provide water and yoga mat strips but if you have your own pair of yoga paws, that will be helpful!


Sign up ahead of time if you want to use your credit card and pay a little less or bring exact change/check if you are going to pay in person. 


Interested in other events this summer? 



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What about dogs?  Only bring your pup if they are very well behaved and can be completely hands-free for the yoga class.  We love our pups but we also want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable with the activities which means the pups can't be distracting.  Please use your best judgment!


Bad weather?  We will post on facebook and via newsletter if we have to cancel an event.  If you have signed up ahead of time, we will contact you directly!